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Monday, October 25, 2010

woot.. it sure has been long since i has juz updated mine blog liao..
but today suddenly hab de mood to post hahas..
cos maybe influence by mine baby lao po too ba :)
anyway recently was planning for mine 21st celebration..
didnt really know wad to plan for it..
something which i has on mine mind would be a 3 day 2 nite celebration ba..
time & detail hab not be confirm yet but once confirm the guest list will be out (:

now to talk about mine weekend ba..
it was certainly a enjoyable one..
as i hab mine baby lao po to spend de time wif me together for de whole day (:
which was very sweet (L) love her alot...
ii has also brought a few braclet for we 2..
although it might seems to be sometin small but then when both of us has it (:
it will seems very meaniful to me (:
we has alot of encounter together & alot of first time together *ahem* nt those type of first time oh~ hehe.. but some other type (:
as in first time i cook sometin for mine beloved baby laopo <3
first time when we has our date together
first time where we spend the nite hugging each other & slp together
and first time which i has fall in love so deeply with someone and felt that without her in mine life , it would really be very empty ba =(

Ytd is the day whereby we has stead for 2 weeks le..
looking forward to one month anniversary so that i can do sometin sweet :3 for her which will surpise her..
now is 9pm.. 3 more hrs before she dismiss frm wrk and can get to see her online..
Hope she will get to see this later hehe.

P.S Iloveminebabylaopoloads.. I'm missing her every moment.. she is [C]ute & too [A]dorable too resist.. Muackss (: hope we will last loooooooooooooooong loooooooooong together (:

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heyyy ! I'm here to help this lazy pig to post his blog. Cause its kinda dead ehs !
Hmmms , dhat pig gonna finish his NS in another 8 more months . Huhu ! After his NS he got loads of tyme so do make hym busy by meeting up with hym . Ehhhs , i also don't know want help hym post whad ley . Next next week he would be very busy bout his camp bahs ? I also don't know .

♥; Sotong.

Blogged @ Wednesday, October 06, 2010
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

HiHi(: too all moi mei <3 friends & loves one..
surpisingly ba..
i b updating mine blog here at taiwan Lols..
de time here was de same as in s'pore..
only different here is tat de weather is much more colder den s'pore >_<
the first day was quite fun..
taking de airplane as it was mine 1st time taking airplane...
the feeling is lyk roller coaster Lols..
tat food onboard is vns & so does de mini screen tv hahas..
they play alot of movie lyk Posiedon.. Avatar .. The Treasure Hunter & NiGht in de Museum 2..
too bad all de movie i saw b4 liao Lols..

it took lyk 4 hrs of air flight & 6 hrs of bus trip b4 we manage to reach de camp..
on de way we gt stop by at some kind of shop whereby u juz pay a certain amount & uu can eat de dish till uu are fully fill up hahaas.. confirm make ur stomache bloated de.. as every 5 minute.. uu will heard that shout.. " LAI .. SHAN CAI " hahas.. juz started on one dish only & dere other will come liao.. but overrall de food was nice (:

on de way.. dere is also alot of ping lang diang.. but then as it was kinda late nite already so most of de shop was close.. de stuff/tibits here are kinda cheap..
but now i dun get to take much of de scenery photo in taiwan as our R & R havent start yet.. maybe at de around june den get to tour around.. cant wait tuu go to de nite market > <

for moi meii & friendds hu wiish tu contact me.. can sms me through mine old sim card.. or sms through mine taiwan no. to cotnact me.. ii will be posting it as facebook ((:

will be singing out here already ^^

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

It Has Been Ages since i last updated mine blog le..
t0day is XtMas Eve liao w0r =D
Juz N0w wEnt to Amk Hub wif mine dar dar =]
today is out 2nd month annivesary..
supposing wanted to watch "Avatar" de movie de..
but den all slot fully taken le..
so change plan instead..
went to arcade to catch wawa..
dunno is ii toooo LUCKY!! le or wad Lol..
today manage to catch 4 big big de wawa at de cuter de machine..
so many ppl were sooo surpise..
tat include me too..Haha..
Suddenly gt a few wawa to pei me during tis xtmas season le =]

well for mine army life..
wad could ii say ??
maybe i sld use "Neutral" to describe it ba..
juz recently pass mine tp(Driving Test) for 3 tonner..
it was really tough..
Each person were only give 8 chance to pass
or else will eventually post bk to ChOing SHuA de Unit..
i Only Manage during Monday which was mine 5th test..
i'm really glad eh.. as tis is also consider as one of mine belated b'day present Lol x]

well for mine weekend usually juz staying at home or going to town walk walk see clothes & hang out wif mine army frendz only Lor..
Last week i OFFICALLY! turn 20~!* le...
You LaO Yi Shui Liao..
tis yrs didnt really receive much present frm mine frendz except from a few only..
anyway still wanted to thx them for de presennt ^^

There's actually much more to update de..
maybe ii left it for nxt time ba..
kinda sleepy now le..
Hope EvEryone Enjoy there Holiday tis Season Wor..
& may all Enjoy de Special Occassion & Spent time wif ur Lurbve one =]

Blogged @ Thursday, December 24, 2009
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

this blog is getting rusty le..
very long nv been online to update mine blog le..
army life till now left 3 weeks more to pop le..
there is some stress on mine mind..
i also dunno wad isstz ?
still trying to figure out on mine own..

anyway.. de last week i has been having fever and was resting at home all de way..
seriosly i hate fever..
most likely have to stay in camp for quite some time for RT lesson..
soob soob..
for de past few days when i was sick..
mine mum consistenly taking care of me at all time..
I really want to tell her i appreciate it so much..
" I love u mum " ..
Mine mum is de best in de whole world le..
the care she shower me ..
i sure gonna miss mine family .. and all mine friends when i go for outfield de..

it sure gonna be tough..
i wonder if i can pull through this time..
living in the woods with mine buddy..

Gonna end here le..
few more hrs have to book in again..
and sure gonna get busy again le..
anythinng please send regards to 96164383 ( mine hp no. )
thanks everyone..
especaiily great thanks to mine mum who stood by me by mine side when i needed help most..

Blogged @ Tuesday, August 18, 2009
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Once again..
i am back to mine old blog again hahas..
only get to update once every week..Lol..

anyway this week was pretty fine..
there is alot of event lining up for next week and the week after in army..
i already manage to pull through a lot of tough training le..
which i tink is quite a accomplisment for mineself ba..
as i didnt take any mc or see de medi just bcos of some blister and cough hahas..

mine field camp is coming up on de way le..
kinda excited but also fear as the loaction is at tekong..
a deserted island and somewhere in de eerie wood whereby i gonna spend mine 1 week time dere..
learning de basic of surviving outside wif mine mates..
and whereby teamwork comes into place..
It will be during the Chinese Ghost Festival too..
of all de time Y x Y have to be sooooo zHuN zHuN de..
zi tao sian 1/2..

anyway wiish me luck ba guys~
i sure will miss u all everytime de..
esp mine dear baobei shirley..
mine sweetheart weiping..
mine dearest joce joce..
mine dear gan mummy qi wen..
mine bro boon kit who has just enlisted into tekong 1 week ago..
and also alot alot alot more ppl which i nv mention..
but will always rmb in mine heart throughout de whole time..

btw.. i have been in army like 1 month 3 wekes liao..
going 2 month soon le..
there's one thought i have in mind and that is in army ' everything must be done nicely and neatly with no fuss "
but not everything as not all thing can be prefect
jsut that we can try our best to make it prefect..
hahas.. i also gong gong liao.. dunno wth i talking Lol..

now let's end de army life part aside ba..
and talk about mine ytd event (:
ytd has been out wif shirley and sylvia as usual (:
i miss them so loads..
so happy to see them as i has nt been seeing them for lyk 3 weeks le..
time sure pass very fast..
i meet them only at like 6+
as i book out at 1pm and reach home only at around 2pm+

we went to the orchard new shopping mall call "ION"
the place was quite nice wor & also complicated..
as they make it into some sort of design whereby after u got off from de station..
everywhere theere will be a passage to link to the place where u wanna go..
for those who know de route will would be convinenece for them..b
but for those who go for de first time might be diffcult for them to find de route ba..

we walk walk at dere..
and stroll around till like 7+
den all hungry liao so went for dinner..
there is still a few shops nt yet open..
but then when it open i tink all de crowd will gather in ION
rather than vivo city le ba..

anyway nxt weeek is National Day liao..
I'm looking forward to early bookout if possible hahas..
gonna end mine blog here liao..
few more hrs later need book in again to mine 2nd house le hahas..
do take care peeps~*

Blogged @ Saturday, August 01, 2009
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yo Peeps =D
it has been 1 month and 2 weeks since i has enlisted into de army..
time sure has pass fast at sometime and also slow at some of de days..

Ever since after BMT ..
everything has been quite packed..
there's is alot of training lined up for one day..
and sometime hardly get to has any rest at all..

blister is everywhere after every training esp de road march which i tink is de tougher for me..
cos i am small in size..
though has become a bit fitter and more darker..
the load on mine back is rapidly increasing as de time goes..

Sometime really feel to fall out but then still manage to tahan through de training for de day..
now awaiting for 1 more month and 2 week for de POP..
I kinda scare that i will fail mine BMT pharse training as i heard that those who fail would have to retake again..
" ALL over AGAIN! " from the beginning..
while some might be post out too..

Sometime there would also be some fucktard ppl who do tin slowly and in de end sabotage de parton..
which is seriously kinda sux..
as most of them are keep repeating de same old fucking mistake and not listening to instruction even though
after alot of reminder from peeps around..

Now is 3.20am liao..
normally by this time..
whole body will be aching and will wake up halfyway for no reason..

ytd mine best bro Wong Boon Kit..
has just enlisted into de army for confiment for de first 2 weeks at tekong..
me here wishing him all de very best wor..
and also wiishing mineself all de best if i can pull through all de training safetly and come back in one piece..
at the end of every bookout..

hereby also wanna wish mine sweetheart sis..
hope she love mine present i brought for her hahas =D
u will be lurbve and miss always by me =D
sweet lei~ hahas..
wait till u say mine blog..
u must at least drop like 2 or 3 tears ah!~!
or else means u bo xim liao hahas x]

Gonna end here now le..
gonna sleep now =D
stay happy peeps~*

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Friday, June 26, 2009

just got to book out at ytd nite..
finally release from all de training le..
but then sunday nite have to go back again le..

army life is tough..
2 weeks in army feel like hell inside..
as the time pass very slow and seems to never end..
there are loads of training and also many activities..
there are times where are fun and times where soldier shed their sweat and tears..

i got to make a couple of new friends inside..
and was very glad with it..
some ppl are very nice.. some are fucktard.. that's what i can say ba..
and a few with attitude problem at times..
one thing that i learn inside would be " all for 1 . 1 for all "
1 person make a person we all will kena all de shit..
that's wad army is all about..

some time there are marching which really make us feel very shack..
but then still manage to pull through..
i mineself also kinda surpise..
In mine parton.. all mine sergant and other officers are very good..
as in.. you can joke around with them.. tell them your problem and they will try their best to help you out..

for the first few weeks..
supposingly cant tahan de..
as muscle is aching all over..
and hardly able to cilmb up de stairs..
but great THANKS! to mine mates jarome and G.nesh..
they carry me up and lean me a hand when i needed it most..

Army training is tough..
especially when it is "Guards"!
2nd most xiong de..
now only 2 weeks..
but then still have to tahan till 2 yrs later..
3 months later some of the ppl would be posted out..
but majority of the ppl would be staying at bedok camp..
hopefully the rest of de route would be smooth ba..

there's are some thing which i only get to discover after enter army..
which is.. we are really taking our life too much for granted..
and our parent for granted..
some thing which they done for us like washing the clothes and handling chores..
might seems easy on de surface..
but only when u ownself go to try it urself..
u then will know the hardship of our parents..

as mine hp already run out of bat on the 5th day of enlistment..
i hardly got anytime to chat wif mine friends and mine family to report to them that i am safe..
but then one wise pharse for those who havent enlisted into army yet..
" do what you wanna do , and do it without regret.. "

that's all about it ba..
just wake up only..
eye blur blur de Lol...
see the mirror everyday alwasy see a round headed botak head also sian diao 1/2 liao..hahas..

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HI to all mine friends.. mine beloved mei and sweetheart <3>
I am counting down to exactly 33 hrs left to mine life of a NS Men (: hahas..
Life sure will change slightly for me..
everyday will be physical fitness test...
i will just treat all the training like an adventure ba..
or maybe a part time job as a trainee Lol...
since I will get pay each month eventually..
Just treat it as a attachment or something..
Anyway.. it has been quite long since i long post liao..
after friday..
mine blog will be rotting for another 2 weeks time liao..
here are some stuff and ppl which i will mention =D
firstly which are (: Joce Joce the Birthday gal (:
sorry i couldn't attend to ur chatlet wor..
kinda sad..
i will miss out all the fun liao.. hahas..
but most of all.. i will surely miss u de..
I will get you a birthday present once i get mine first pay Lol...
Secondly.. I wanna say thanks to mine dear friend Jun keat...
Thanks for accompany me going to CCK today walk walk wor..
supposingly today wanna cut hair de..
but then end up.. cant make up mine mind..
still tink it is better to go in and has a clean hair cut ...
also Thanks for de Hat wor..
Sure appreciate it Loads..
hopefully I Botak liao..
i wear the hat wont look like worker anymore Laugh!"
Must Jia you in all your upcoming project wor..
can always sms me de =D
Thirdly.. I want send mine regards to some of the ppl i mention which are
Weiping , Lorraine Mei , Xiao Yun , Theresa Gal Gal , sylvia Winnie the Pooh , Shirley Bao Bei , Fiona The Cutie.. Evelyn The ÞiGGY
, All Mine Brother's. & Many other Important ppl who are important to me (:
Well.. For Boon Kit who is going to army next month..
I will just Go in and experience what it is like in advance first..
then i will share some of mine experinece with You ba =]

Blogged @ Wednesday, June 10, 2009
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi to all mine friends(:
hahas.. has been way way way too long since i just updated mine blog..
nowadasy slacking at home
waiting for the days to pass slowly...
as the time pass..
i realise it getting more and more near to mine life of a simple teenage..
gonna become from a kid to a man in june 12..
the day i going to be botak..
that's also the day where alot of sec sch student enjoy their june holiday
while i enjoy mine training lmao..
well.. time to update recent event..
last thursday went back to bishan ite to find shirely for lunch..
coincidence.. sylvia was also dere to find shirley to lend some accounting text book for printing..
been quite long~ SINCE I LAST MEET WEISON <3>
need to highlight in cap lock yea(:
to show how sincere i am hahas..
i manage to met up with weison and mine formal teacher Mrs Tahir , Mr Tan & Ms Phua..
was quite glad to see Mrs Tahir hahas..
she was surpise too..
when i suddenly appear in school too..
have a fine chat with her for a while but she has meeting onward..
therefore cannot go to lunch with us(:
what a pity >_<
but what to do ? "that's life"
hahas.. using her own quote in mine blog :D
anyway today went to watch movie with shirley again..
we watch Star Trek..
supposing i thought the movie wld be hard to ustd due to all those spaceship flying here & dere..
but i change mine pts of view..
it was a great movie(:
i enjoy it alot..
so does the time i spent with mine baobei shirley <3
Life is short so must enjoy while still can (:
counting down to 3 weeks + only to mine ns due date..
time sure pass fast when u wiish it to be slow..
well anyway.. test is otw for most of mine dearest..
here wiishing them all de best in their upcoming test on monday..
and for all mine other mei who just finish their mid yrs exam..
Here wiishing u all the best for the result wor(:
3 more weeks to go..
No Job..
Sleep , Eat , Exercise.. is What i DO..
hopefully more ppl ask me out b4 i bcome a MONK wor!!
hahas.. write till here le (:
tata (:

Blogged @ Thursday, May 14, 2009
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Friday, April 10, 2009

hi peeps
it has been quite long since i just update mine blog le..
has been rotting at home and been out for series of movie recently..
wif shirley and sylvia..
has juz been to amk hub to watch "fast and furious 4"
the whole theatre was fully packed wif ppl..
didnt really expected that even the first row was full hahs..
well the movie was actually so so only la..
not that bad..
alot of action and drift..
which bomb the crowd (:
anyway.. i got mine result for mine office course gpa le..
i get 3 point only...
but then i still have to appeal in order to get to the higher nitec..
what a bumper!!
and i has juz receive a letter from ns asking me to go for ns at june 12..
which is a tft training or some sort de..
cos i fail mine nafa test ..
by 1 point only.. and i will get sliver and can skip tis extra training..
was kinda sad though..
but then still have to wait till 30 april for de whole appeal thing to come out..
now sitll has like 1 month more + for me de prepare..
but then seriouylsy for m i tink is quite short ba..
i dun even have any mental prepartion yet..
see all those botak me ownself also stress liao..
somemore see the list of thing they will give..
i was like wtf man..
45 item ?????
kns la..
well what to do???
" that's life "
still gonna go pass tis sequence in mine life time..
cant really skip it de..hais..~
it also stated that only 4 ppl can like accompnay me though de progress..
if i add in mine parent..
only 2 more friend can go..
dan sian lor..
well gonna end here le..
13 april is the start of schol for most of mine beloved friend le..
here wiishing u all~
all de very best at the start of the higher nitec yea~*

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Monday, March 16, 2009

This few days went out with shriely and sylvia after our last paper..
everything seems to be so relax..
the only thing now is to wait for the result..
recently.. watch this 3 movie which are:
Marly and Me Rated (rated 5 stars out of 5 star) it was truly a very nice movie and a "MUZ Watch movie..
Dragon Ball Evolution (rated 3.5 stars out of 5 stars) the movie climate was quite nice..but then the only thing is that the movie is quite short..
Rush To The Witch Mountain (rated 5 stars out of 5 stars) this movie is dann nice.. if u are a adventureous person.. this is a movie which u just cant afford to miss..

some of the movie which are also shown on cinema now are :

( Coming Soon ) heard from frendz that this movie is very scary.. another thrill and scary movie for those who wish to be scared and test for your courage...

( Push ) this movie alot of ppl say is not nice though.. just that the thriller seems to be interesting..

Other intererting Movie Which are coming out soon are :
(Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li) Shown on 19 March
(Hotel For Dogs) Shown on 19 March
(My Bloody Valentine 3D) Not sure the date.. Just heard is worth it to Watch though..
(Night In The Museum 2) this will be show at May Though..
(My Life As a 17) Acted by the Main actor from High School Musical

Btw.. Tmr Shirley and Sylvia would be going for their work liao..
here like to wish them all the best..
especially shriely who has no working experience..
hope everything goes well for her(:

Currently looking for Part - Time Job ..
anyone got Lobang Do contact me Thanks..
Just leave me a Message at the Tag Box can liao..
Signing off now (:

Blogged @ Monday, March 16, 2009
Don't let me go -

it has been a while since i last update mine blog..
i has juz graduate from office nitec course last weeks..
the last few paper was quite easy though as i got study lols..
quite a few of mine classmate would be seperated..
but some would always remind in mine heart(:
some of the ppl who i has to mention would be shirley,sylvia,si ling,weiping,jocelyn,wani mine small sis..
and not to mention Mrs Tahir.. a most welcome teacher by our class of IO2
Mr Yeo.. our dearest and cute class adviser..
Mrs Lim.. guidance of our route as our OSA & BEO teacher..
and also Mr Tan.. Profession in everything especially attendance list lmao..
tears has been shed and joyness has been shared..
throughout the short one yrs in office course..
hopefully no matter where we go and where we part..
we still keep in contact yea..
The Result will be shown on 1 April 09
I'm not sure where i gonna belong..
is either "NS" or "Administration higher nitec course"
Here wiishing everyone the best of luck yea(:

Blogged @ Monday, March 16, 2009
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Monday, March 2, 2009

beg test juz over today le..
very sad cos sure didnt did well..
know all the answer but mistaken the question as usual..
and also so many careless mistake haiszZz..
no mood liao..
somemore freaking fever and flu make me cant tink of the answer..
sian lor..
gonna end here le..
so fast to graduating..
10 more days left..
tmr got sot..
last sot liao i suppose..
signing off now..
to rest..
all de best to mine fellow classmate..
and most of all shirley and sylvia and wei ping sis (:
jia you wor(: must score gd gd result wor..

Blogged @ Monday, March 02, 2009
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Friday, February 13, 2009

today is valentine day le..
but for mie it would be be kinda lonely(:
as i am single..but then most probably be spending time
wiff most of mine friend and bro who are single(:
single's out there..
dun be sad ah(:
single doesent mean the end of the world..
so let's show everyone valentine day is a day not just for couple to enjoy
but a day for all to enjoy.. hehex..
anyway yesterday
wen out to cenilesiure wiif winnie the pooh and missy panda to watch "Bride War"
it was very nice and funny show..
great start and nice ending..
love the climax alot...
also by chance found out there is actually..
showing on march of 12..
the day where we finish out test and the last day of school..
some of them on the waiting list would be : Night in the museum 2
Dragon Ball..Kungfu Chef.. A movie regarding acted by The Rock..
after watching finish the movie went to walk walk at HMV
as missy panda want to see the vcd..
there are total of like 3 storage in HMV..
can listen to free music too..
i stopby to listen to Rain and MayDay (Wu Yue Tian)
the new album..
sooo nice lor..
but then bo money to buy atm..
Unfortunedly..there are also 2 things which happen ytd..
FRIDAY, The 13..
First stuff would be..
the movie ticket almost got lost accidenatally..
Secondly..would be missy panda almost fall dowm on the escalator..
and her hp was being damage due to tis reason..
there are some not obvious mark being left behind..
and the batteries was gone..
oh well..
hopefully she won't be sad anymore le>_<
cos i know she vey tough de(:
all de best to all the couple out dere yea(:
happy valetine day once again(:

Blogged @ Friday, February 13, 2009
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

hi peeps~ it has been quite long since mine last post liao..
recently has been at school clearing up some project and stuffs..
Final Yrs Exam is also coming soon already..
it is now 7 more days to valentine days..
4 more days to mine BEG Business interview CA(Business Etiquette & Gromming)
5 more days to hand up BEG project on dinning..
and 1 more month + 4 ~ 5 days to the EXAM!
which are BEO and POA(:
wish me luck ah..
hopefully i did well for mine exam..
mine life whether i go army or i progress to higher nitec would be depending on mine effort liao.. T_T
Time has really pass so fast..
it has already been about 10 month since i spend mine time in ite liao..
there's sometin which i gonna say is that i really love mine class IO2
i have so much fun making in school..
and has make quite alot of friend in de progress..
some of the ppl which i has to mention would be:
WEIPING sis(sweetheart) , jocelyn , Shirley, Sylvia, Si ling, You Hui, Ying tian, Wani sis and her group & kahbir , Suriyah , Priya
and some of the other great classmate which i didnt mention..
thanks u all for the fun and the joy we has share together and create in the class throughout the progress..
maybe few more months later we all will be seperated to different courses, different class, different school..but dun forget yea.. our class IO2 and our dear teacher who has guide all of all us as follow Mrs Tahir,Mr Yeo, Mrs lim( who has leave the school already) and Mr Tan..
Gonna end mine story here for de moment liao(:
do take care yea..
all mine friends and peeps~*
would be posting again + special condition that i am not lazy >_< /span>

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

ytd went out wif shirley and sylvia to dorby ghort to watch de movie [Ink Heart]
the movie was a really nice movie(:
didnt regret seeing..
the story is at below(:

Mo Folchart (Brendan Fraser) is a father who possesses a secret ability to bring characters from books to life when he reads them aloud. But when Mo accidentally brings a power-hungry villain from a rare children's fable to life, the villain kidnaps Mo's daughter and demands Mo to bring other evil fictional characters to life. In an attempt to rescue his daughter, Mo assembles a disparate group of friends - both real and magic - and embarks on a journey to save her and set things right.

if let me rate it i tink it would be 9/10 ****stars*****

Well for today..
ii went to shirley house to bai nian..
supposingly is go to sylvia hse first de..
but then i overslept so didnt make it..
feel so guilty..
hahas & heard from her tat her parent are looking forward to see me..
cos they tink i look lyk ah mo (:
maybe nxt time gt chance den go visit ba(:

i meet up wif shirley and sylvia at around 3pm..
at sengkang mrt station..
long time no go dere liao..
last time when i go dere is to sell ice cream lols..
den today go explore..
found out that it is quite big dere..
gt loads of shop and fast food at de basement de..
the cold storage is de best~!
hahas.. while waiiting for them to arrive i go explore..
and saw alot of pasta sauce which cwp de cold stoage didnt sell de..
and also many type of spagetti..
maybe is i too hungry or wadtz ba..
nowadasy feel de urge to cook LOL~*

we proceed to her hse and reach at around 3pm+
den saw one of her friend(:
who look lyk 18 yrs old +
but in fact is 21 yrs old de..
there's also her relative dere too..
her mum and her dad..
shirley de mum was very friendly..
so does her cooking..
it was very nice(:
enjoy it alot..
also enjoy de kfc set meal sylvia dad brought for me..
> _ < majong =".=">_<>

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NeW yrs has finally arrive(:
tis yrs only went to mine father side de place as usual.
was consider to be quite fun as there is one of mine cousin dere
hu is from clementi ite..
we has a blast chatting lols..
but then only once in a yrs which make it quite funny..
hahas..anyway tis yrs receive quite a bit of hongbao only..
but then better than nth..
quite sad though as i lost one of de hongbao which has 10+ inside =.=
sian diao 1/2
but then nvm..
i win back de 10 bucks during de gambling wif mine relative hahas..

den at nite went to ah yi house for reunion dinner again..
it was on de 2nd day but i call it reunion dinner as i hardly has dine wif mine family on a dinning table except for the first two day of CNY(:
there's laods of nice show showing on channel u and 8 during cny..
esp the movie at channel u which shown on monday 7pm..
it was dann nice.. love <3 de show soo much(:
de song was quite nice too..

den after that ii went to meet up wif boon kit to go nick house for majong session..
ytd went to nick house to stay overnite and play de entire night majong..
has enjoy it and was sick of it due to tireness lmao..

den today fall sick liao..
due to flu..
hope everytin goes well in de beginnng till de end ba~*
signing off now~
take care peeps~*

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

tis few days i have been rushing on mine project..
ytd.. finally manage to clear up mine sbm project..
I spent like around the whole night to morning to get it done
as today i would be heading to si mei ite for de interview with the vip and the other moe staff..

i finish the project around 7am and then take a nap at around 8 ~ 10am
then wake up jiu proceed mine way to take train all de way to tampines(:
the whole trip was sleepy lol.. but luckily i has brought mine backup along..
which is mine comic to prevent me from falling asleep and miss de stop..

i reach si mei ite at around 12pm lyk tis and turn up i am still quite early though..
there's is a perfomance being held at there which attract most of the student from si mei ite to crowd around.. it was fun, interesting as i saw alot of people wearing uniform which i dun get to see the last time i went to si mei ite for dissucsion on "how to improve to facilitles in student hub!"

i wait for ms joanne for lyk 20 minute b4 she make a call to me to meet up at the foyer of the school.
I manage to get to know a few friends in today event..
first was robert who was a really friendly indian guy from bedok ite..
he did not turn up for the briefing for yesterday and same goes for me..
and it ended up that we both has to memorise the 44 questions that the ambassodor would be asking us.. hahas.. as there is still 1 hrs b4 our 2nd group to start..
ms joanne insist that i go take a bite first or else would get gastric pain..
so nice of her as a teacher in charge..

she lead us to the office where they gather the selected student from nitec who would be attending the talk for later..
this is when i meet other people from college east and west..
some of the people who are same group as me would be "robert" from bedok campus, "Marilyn" and "jun chang from yishun campus and one more guy who is from si mei campus.. didnt really ask for de name of de person from si mei ite though..

there is also another batch of ppl i manage to meet through the session.. which would be " Zhi xiang, presdient of macpherson ite, a really handsome guy too and also very coincidence one of weison friend which she met in the same group during the blaze camp..
Joey from yishun campus and
Ck from tampines campus..

our first group interview started at 2pm like tis and took like 45 minute before the questioning end..
they brought us to a room which is use for interviewing..
there's also a camera man there to take snap shot..
lols feel so honour..
but then throughout de session i didnt really speak much..
no chance at all lols..
and it appear to me that most of them who are selected are either president or 4 pointer student.. i was like woooot O x O"! cool~ hahas..

after the meeting has end.. we are allowed to go home..
i started a conversation with jun chang and mariyn regarding the talk juz now..
and we manage to really get along well..
compare to the first time in macpherson genreal office..
the atmospher is different totally..
me,robert,marilyn,jun chang started to explore the campus when we meet joey and one of the mate from si mei ite..
the guy from si mei ite is very friendly and he actually willing to be our host to take us on a tour around the school..
i also ask him alot of his school and his course.. and he clear most of mine doubt which i has been wondering for quite long..
he brought us around the campus and i was really amazed by it..
as there is really alot of canteen and restaurant in the campus..
you could even find a 77th street shop in de campus..
i only went to de first and 2nd canteen for today..
the food was simply delicious it look like a banquet instead of a school..
and watching people from different course with different sort of unifrom coming through and forth it sure catch a lot of people attention..
one thing also i found out is that..
si mei ite is famous for it sport and management course..
also in the first rank it is to be the dragonboat cca..
seems cool..

anyway after around 4+
they all decide to go home
but i suggested if we could use the facilites and play pool at the basement
but then found out that it actually require some sort of idenification card or sometin in order to play in de campus..
u must be a si mei ite student >_<
so we didnt play and end up playing at AMK K pool instead..
supposingly joey is coming too but then end up she didnt make it..
most probably accompnaying her bf hahas :x
so there's only 3 ppl playing which is me. jun chang and ck..
we has loads of fun..
i has nt been playing pool for quite long..
ck is quite pro at pool.. different from what he say in de mrt that he is a noob at pool lol.. almost got decive by his words..
but then it was quite fun to know that mine skill is still there though..
even is a rusty at times >_<

tmr there will be SBM sales..
we would be selling our product..
viewer and ppl from bishan ite..
please kindly support wor..
thanks peeps for viewing..
and hopefully misha will recover soon and be healthy..
all de best for everything(:

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

now very sad :(
baby mention break wif me le..
seriously really no comment..
she say her feeling fade..
also nt sure whether is de main reason..
cant really tink if anytin else right now..
really cant forget her..
but then there's one tin i want to make it clear..
which is i seriosuly did sometin and plan sometin for u..
u didnt really know only..
and u didnt wait till that time b4 u mention de word..
signing off wif bleeding broken heart..

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